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The CPS mark represents, by now from 15 years, a guarantee in the piston realization. When this company is born, with his founder. Mr. G. Zappia, in very little time one distinguishes on the competition market, as able to satisfy the customers' always more numerous and coming from every part of the world requirements. Since May 1st, 2009 the cps changes name, becoming C.P.S. some De Fazio brothers  (Tommy and Gaspare Fabio), while Mr. Gaetano Zappia will remain their direct collaborator for a few years. We are specialized in the special piston production by cars and motorcycles of every type. C.P.S. it is well-known in all the world. he offers pilots and international teams its experience in the "special pistons for strengthened engines" sector. with an exceptional power result. Our pistons, realized on order, give your engine a single power, allowing you to get the top!
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Our Special Pistons Tommaso and Fabio inside work of cps since 14 years and make a part of the group of the "winning workers" (then they nicely love to define them).  In fact, the two brothers have foreground contributed to the perfectioning of the productive techniques, without saving engagement, to put point new piston typologies curing them in the details and giving back them excelling. Not only in the exclusive quality, but also the price. The obtained sale statistics and the checkings let a clear reality gleam: the cps seems to have prevaricared all his rivals, obtaining remarkable results. De Fazio Brothers, with renewed enthusiasm, declare that all that is not that the starting point of a project always aimed at the search for solutions more to the vanguard,  in bring to meet fully the always most numerous requests and ensure the functionality and the quality of its special pistons.
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